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Did you ever feel the need to fake your identity online? As shady as it sounded, I meant for clean purposes. Sometimes, we need a temporary identity which looks like the real deal but need not be one. So instead of cooking something out of the brewery of your imagination, there are dedicated services that do that job for us. They are Fake Person Generator (ID Generators), which create an entirely new set of personal information right down to your address, profession and phone number.

So if you are ever in need of a fake identification on the ‘bright side’ of the web, here are 5 best online fake person generator tools for your convenience. Go through this compiled list, and you’ll thank me later.

Top 5 Fake Person Generator


Fakenamegenerator is a very simple and easy to use a name generator. It has a ton of fake data generators, among which a name generation is an option. You get to select the gender, your preferred country wise name set and of course, the country in the primary options. If these will do for you, then just hit generate button, and you are greeted with a completely fake personal ID.


You get complete details of your fake person from necessary things like email IDs, all the way down to the geographical coordinates! There are even things like a card number with CVV and other arbitrary stuff, like favourite colour, vehicle, etc.

One of the incredibly impressive things was that you could generate a QR code for this and save it as a jpeg file. It produces the essentials out of these fake details upon scanning it.

There is an option next to the generate button called as Advanced options, which gives you control over the percentage of male and female profiles created each time you hit the Generate button.

You can also select the range for the age and specify the country region as well. It’s a relatively feature rich generator tool which I think you should check it out, just for the fun of it.


Namegenerator is a fake business card generator and is not as detailed as the one above, but it serves our purpose just fine. There are no settings, no options for you to specify your preferences. As soon as you fire up this website, you will be greeted with a ready made name card with a design you can change.

Even though the website uses a domain registered for India, it only provides US states to choose from, which I think is strange. But its fake anyway, so anything works I guess. This tool is entirely void of customization options.

You can choose from a set of 9 different business card styles, with different fonts and varying backgrounds. I could not find any direct way to save these cards as a unified file.

You’ll either have to take a screenshot and crop it or print the whole page because it showed everything when I clicked on the print preview button.

That said, for someone who’s merely looking for a fake name and ID generator, this site will do just fine.


Fakena is a relatively simple website for generating fake names. There is merely a single clickable button on the landing page which says ‘Generate Fake Name.’ Just click on it, and you’ll be sent to the details page which has all the fake goodies that you were in need of.

To generate a new name profile, click on the button that says ‘Generate New Fake Name.’ It can only produce on profile at a time, like the other on this list so far.

I found that the ‘Permalink for this page’ button throws a 404 error and does not give you the link to the page. But the print button works fine. You get a print preview of it, but it includes the ads as well, so make sure you cut that part out before you submit your fake details as a hard copy, should you ever need to.

A name once generated will be retained for 30 days, as they say, so you can bookmark it and then come back to it if needed, within a month. You better take a screenshot of your faked details, because they’ll be gone from the server, a month after generation.


Online-generator is an all in one fake person generator tool for your aid when you are clueless in thinking out a catchy name for yourself. The generator can do character names, business names and even nicknames for you based on genres and fan base. Our motive is linked with fake names, which can be found under the “Random name generator,” in the business names drop down menu.


There is just a small window which will generate only a random name. It does not create a fake profile of any sorts. But it serves the purpose of those who just want an alternative name which doesn’t sound made up.

You can see all the names you have generated in a list to your left. You just need to keep clicking on the Generate button to see new names. It’s as simple as that.

If you click on the names you’ve generated on the left-hand side menu, it directly takes you to GoDaddy website and searches a .com domain in that name. Unnecessary, but cool!

New Jersey Uv Holograms Driver License New Jersey Uv Holograms Driver License Uinames

Uinames is the one with the best UI among all others in this list. This Fake Person Generator is minimalist , Ltd Co-operative Credit Transfer Moneygram Coast – Union West and is super simple to use. You just have to fire up the website and press the space bar, as instructed. That’s it! It generates a unique name tag with a profile picture too!


You can select a specific gender, have it lock onto a region and even get it produce multiple names at a time if you don’t want the space bar. If you click on the “more” option under the profile pic, it takes you to a collection of display pictures which you can download and use as per your convenience.

But note that these UI faces are real people on twitter, so be careful. Still, it’s a pretty important option for creating a fake profile, hopefully for the right reasons.


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